Feed hummingbirds in freezing weather with the
easy-to-use hummingbird feeder heater, Hummer Hearth!

Now it's Easy to Keep the Nectar Flowing in Your Hummingbird Feeder this Winter

The Hummer Hearth is a simple solution to frozen hummingbird feeders.

The Hummer Hearth will help both you and your Hummingbirds through freezing conditions.

Effective. The Hummer Hearth will keep smaller feeders thawed to about 15 F or -9C with the supplied 7 watt bulb. Freeze protect to lower temperatures is possible with optional 15 Watt bulb.

Easy. The Hummer Hearth is easy to install and remove. It fits a wide range of feeder types with ring-type perches. It is held in place by three hooks and adjustable elastic cords. A rubber grip ring helps hold it in position on the bottom of the feeder.

Simple. The Hummer Hearth puts the heat where it is needed and gently warms the nectar from beneath.

Safe. The Hummer Hearth is supplied with a 6 foot power cord / lamp holder which complies UL / CAS specifications for outdoor wet conditions. This includes a fuse protected plug, polarized contacts and cord strain protection.

Attractive. The Hummer Hearth is designed to complement the hummingbird feeder it is attached to. Plus, the pleasant red glow lets you know it is working.

Inexpensive to operate. The Hummer Hearth requires only pennies of electricity a day. At least 20 times less than a heat lamp.

Feeders come in a dizzying array of styles; some are great candidates for the Hummer Hearth; some are not. You may want to consider using a feeder better suited to the Hummer Hearth during the freezing season.

Feeder Features that Work Best with a Hummer Hearth

The Hummer Hearth will provide at least some freeze protection to any feeder to which it is attached. Certain features help the Hummer Hearth to keep nectar thawed at lower temperatures.

What People Love About Their Hummer Hearth

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