Will the Hummer Hearth Fit My Hummingbird Feeder?

The simple answer is – probably.

The Hummer Hearth hummingbird feeder heater has elastic cords with attaching hooks that can be attached to a perch ring. Or, the elastic can be attached over raised feeding ports. With a little ingenuity, the Hummer Hearth will probably fit your feeder. The Hummer Hearth’s top opening measures 4 inches in diameter.

The Hummer Hearth hummingbird nectar heater is most effective when the bottom of the feeder has no protrusions. The rubber ring creates a seal against the feeder, trapping warm air. If your feeder does not need the hooks, the elastic cord can be untied, the hooks and cord lock removed, and then re-laced for a better appearance.

These photos show a Hummer Hearth heater attached to several types of hummingbird feeders. Click any photo to see a larger version.

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